Trapped @ Sessions

Trapped @ Sessions is home to Big White's ONLY Escape Rooms!

If you are looking for a family-friendly adventure to partake in while spending some time off the snow at Big White, our Escape Rooms will have you, your family and friends sorted for hours of entertainment!

You and your team members will be ‘trapped’ in a room and given riddles, puzzles and clues that will guide you to your escape.

Our Escape Rooms are the perfect way to spend some time on the mountain when you just can’t strap on those skis, or after a great day on the hill.

Bookings for our Escape Rooms will soon be able to be made through our new site. For now, please message our Facebook Page or ask at the bar to make your bookings! 

Can you and your team work together to escape the room or will you be Trapped at Sessions?